Oregon isn’t simply one thing or another: Deserts; Beaches; Mountains; Forests.

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Oregon Values and Beliefs Center 2023 Typology Study

The OVBC 2023 Typology Study is about equipping Oregonians with the tools for more productive conversations about the challenges we’re facing. Rather than adhering to traditional ideas of what (or where, or who) divides us, the OVBC 2023 Typology Study clusters Oregonians into “neighborhoods” of shared values and beliefs. The study offers a clearer understanding of our common priorities and lays a stronger foundation for collaboration, even when we disagree.

Building on past research from DHM’s Oregon Values and Beliefs Studies, Policy Interactive, and Pew Research, the 2023 Typology Study continues a tradition of high-quality opinion research to engage all Oregonians about the important values we share and embrace. Social scientists describe values as individual or cultural mores that set standards and guide behavior by way of a mental compass. But even values regarded as stable may change gradually over time. Values research gives us a window into how, when, why, and to what extent those values evolve. This type of research offers a sense of our commonalities and differences. It also identifies the building blocks for accountability, trust, reciprocity, respect, solidarity, and collaboration in our lives and more broadly, in our community.

Whether you’re interested in a specific topic, or the eight “neighborhoods” of shared values and beliefs, the study provides both broad overview and deeper analysis to foster meaningful dialogue and action.

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  • Typology Topic Summaries – State-level findings on particular topic areas, such as “Economy and Jobs”
  • Cluster Analysis Overview – An introduction to the 21 questions used to identify the 8 clusters or “neighborhoods,” and tables displaying responses to these and other selected questions
  • Cluster Profiles – Brief descriptions of key demographics and characteristics of each cluster
  • Common Ground and Areas of Dissonance – Description and analysis of areas of common ground, as well as areas of contention


As an Oregonian, I want those dedicated to improving our state to have access to independent, nonpartisan, and statistically reliable data, not just data gathered with a particular agenda or only likely voters in mind.

At a time when faith in our institutions is remarkably low, we need to be finding ways to engage and rebuild people’s trust, not exclude them because they are statistically less likely to vote. Our commitment to this principle guided us in conducting the study presented here – the 2023 Oregon Values and Beliefs Typology Study.

Engaging thousands of Oregonians from all across the state, the 2023 Typology Study explores their true feelings about the core values, beliefs, and policies shaping our state.

We hope this information can be of service to Oregonians and their community members and leaders.


Amaury Vogel


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of Oregonians who participated in the OVBC 2023 Typology Study. It is only through your participation that we are able to offer this information to our state and our communities. Thank you for contributing to this important conversation about our shared future.

We also thank those who helped spread the word about the survey to friends, family members, and colleagues. Your support has been crucial in ensuring a broad and inclusive representation of voices from all corners of Oregon.

Thank you for contributing to this important conversation about our shared future.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our research partnership with PolicyInteractive. Their wealth of experience and knowledge in conducting studies of comparable aim and scale to the 2023 Oregon Values and Beliefs Typology Study provided for a strong partnership. We at OVBC would like to extend our thanks to the team at PolicyInteractive for their dedication to this project and the contribution they helped us make to better understanding Oregonians’ values and beliefs. Please find more information on PolicyInteractive and their work by visiting their website at policyinteractive.org.

OVBC is fortunate to have valuable community partners who share our passion for amplifying the voices of all Oregonians. Through our strong partnerships, we continue to develop a robust and comprehensive understanding of our communities and their values.

We at OVBC would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our community partners listed below – we owe the successful completion of this study to you and your hard work. We also want to give special recognition to the the League of Oregon Cities, the Port of Portland, ECONorthwest, the YARG Foundation, the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, and the Evergreen Hill Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation for their above-and-beyond commitment to our mission and this project.